that <would be><will be> a great idea


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John:Should we go for picnic?
1.Yes that would be a great idea.
2.Yes that will be a great idea.

Please tell which one is possible and how?
  • Uncle Jack

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    As The Newt says, John and Jack are discussing a possible course of action, which is why Jack uses "would".

    In any case, the idea is in the present, not the future. Jack could say "That is a great idea", which is more positive than "That would be a great idea", but he could not say "That will be a great idea".

    Uncle Jack

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    "I think it would be a great idea" is okay, but I cannot think of a situation where I would use both "it" (rather than "that") and "would be" (rather than "is"). If Jack is simply responding to John, then "that" is a lot better than "it", and if Jack is responding to someone else then they really need to use the more emphatic "is":
    John: Should we go for picnic?​
    Mary: No, that would be a rotten idea.​
    Jack: I think it's a great idea.​
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