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Hello again!
I've seen a movie where a guy rapes his wife whom he just married, and says: That's a bit in one day.
Does this mean it's enough for one day? Or that it's not enough?
I don't know if it matters, but this is supposed to be Scottish dialect.
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    I'm sorry, Hole, but "that's a bit in one day" means nothing to me.

    "That's a bit much in one day" would mean "That's too much in one day".

    It might have a particular meaning in your particular context.


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    I agree with deddish 100%. It's a purposeful understatement, like something saying "Losing an arm can ruin your whole week." You often here it in the form "quite a bit." For example, a child can go through quite a bit of stress on the first day of school.


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    I've no doubt that's what it's supposed to mean, but I'm Scottish and "that's a bit in one day" is never used as a complete phrase. It's obviously just specific to the circumstances in the movie, like he stopped mid sentence by saying "that's a bit... in one day", which would just be implying "that's a bit much in one day", but with some sort of dramatic pause in the middle.

    I wouldn't take this on board as a phrase that can be used in every day conversation or one that has any meaning by itself. If you want to say this you have to say the full phrase "that's a bit much in one day", which just means "that's a lot for one day"/"that's too much".


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    Ok, don't mind this, I really did mishear it, it's not at all what he said. I'm sorry, but I'm not really familiar with the Scottish accent.
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