That's It vs. That's That


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Ok thank you.
I'll have some question about sentence meaning...
For example:
That's it and That's that.
Could somebody explain to me the meaning in other words?
One more thing Where must I put "to"?
Is explain to me right or the correct is explain me?
  • I am not quite sure what you mean exactly, but i will try to help. When saying "that's it", it can be used to state your fed up with something, for example.

    That's it, I've had enough of your complaining.

    it can also be used to mean you are through with a task or almost through.

    That's it, I am finally done with mowing for the day.
    or, I only have one more thing left to do, and that's it.

    You can switch "that's it", for "thats that" in most cases they are usually interchangable.

    For the seond question, explain to me is the correct form.

    and if that doesnt help, give me some more information and i'll try to help you more.
    I generally agree with maybe4ever, although that's that isn't as flexible as that's it.

    That's it: Stop that, because I won't it tolerate any more. It can also mean I'm finished.
    That's that: This event/project/job is over or I'm finished. This one is not used to mean stop that.