That's mean vs That mean

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That's mean vs That mean?

What's the difference? How to use it and please give me a clear and brief example please.
  • Egmont

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    The word "mean" has so many meanings - as a verb meaning to intend, as a verb meaning to have a certain meaning, as an adjective meaning cruel, as an adjective meaning miserly, as a noun meaning average, and more - that it is absolutely impossible to answer such a general question without context. Both could be correct:

    "That's mean" could be a sentence that uses any of its meanings as an adjective: "You kicked him. That's mean."

    "That mean" could be a fragment that uses any of its meanings as a verb or an adjective: "What does that mean?" "Isn't that mean?"

    You could also say "that's the mean," using any of its meanings as a noun: "That's the mean. This other point to its left is the median."

    As you can see, a general answer to "what's the difference?" is impossible.


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    No sentence. I just try to use it but I'm not so certain, so I need to see some examples.
    "No sentence" is not an adequate response, even on Christmas.

    If you need examples, please use our in context feature to find examples in contemporary context. You'll find instructions here.

    I'm closing this thread but leaving Egmont's contribution because it is Christmas. :)
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