That's so dope!

Discussion in 'English Only' started by bag520, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. bag520 New Member

    Hi friends,

    I heard this sentence in one of an American moive.

    The scenario was like this:"When a girl found something very good or amzing,she just said ' That's so dope!', and when she found something better ,she just said ' That's even dopier!' " I gusee she wants to say it is so wonderful,or something like that.

    I looked up in an English dictionary about the word " Dope", it turned out that the word dope can be used as a noun or a verb.

    But it seems that the word dupe is used as a the sentence of "That's so dope!"

    Is it a correct sentence?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards.
  2. xqby

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    Hmm, you're right, that meaning doesn't appear to have made it into the more mainstream dictionaries (including wiktionary, which I find odd). Your understanding is correct though. "Dope" is an adjective there, and it means something like "excellent" or "wonderful." I would consider the usage highly informal.
  3. LA_Andaluza

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  4. sdgraham

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    Note, however, that it is not standard English and like many hip colloquialisms it can get you into trouble if you are communicating outside its microcosm of users.

    Note also that dopey means "stupid."
  5. brian

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    I would also venture to say that "dope" has already been surpassed by other hip colloquialisms like "sweet". I don't think I've heard it in at least 4-5 years, but then again it never was all that popular in my area, and especially not among my friends.
  6. bag520 New Member

    Ok,thanks to all of you.In this way,I am not going to use the sentence too much.
  7. wisequack Member

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    I wouldn't even know what this meant if someone said this to me, but I'd guess it meant "good" or "bad" and was slang from the context. So, it's not used very widely as people above say.
  8. GDAN Senior Member

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    It's an old slang word used by young people who are into the hip hop culture. The word isn't used anymore, and there was no such word as dopier. I would know because I was a kid when hip hop i.e. rap music became mainstream in the U.S. Since I am pushing 40 yrs of age I think it is safe to assume that todays teenagers are not using slang that I used back in the late 1980's. As far as meaning, excellent would be it.
  9. Franzi Senior Member

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    I've certainly heard "That's so dope" more recently than the 1980s. As other people said, "dopier" doesn't mean the same thing as "that's so dope". The line is probably supposed to be humorous and to show that the girl is trying to use slang to be cool but ends up sounding silly instead.
  10. GDAN Senior Member

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    As I am sure you're aware of, trends have a point of origin and then spread outwards. Rap music started in the Bronx and Queens. It had been around for a while before the rest of America even heard of it. My point behind this is that for those of us who grew up in or around those areas and were into rap music considered the slangs (dope) & some songs old by the time mainstream tv and radio introduced kids in other states to them. My statement is not meant to offend, it's just the truth. I liked reggae but by the time the songs became known in NY they were OLD in Jamaica.
  11. sodope New Member

    "So dope" is a street term created when people bought hard drugs like crack and heroin and didn't have time to check to see if it's really dope (dope is a term for drugs dating back to the 70's or earlier). Because of the massive amount of bunk dope that's sold on the streets, there is always a worry that you're not really buying real dope. Bunk is a term for fake or poor quality drugs.

    So when you finally get your drugs and in a safe location to check them out, and it's really dope... you say... yeah, that's sooooo dope! Or when it's not real drugs you say "fuck, it's bunk, I'm gonna kill that fucker"
  12. GDAN Senior Member

    United States
    Sodope, where did you get that from? I've never heard that before in my life, did it come from that "so called" slang dictionary? I can tell that my answer is based on the fact that I grew up in a Black/Latino neighborhood back in the late 70's and 80's, where the term was in regular usage. The reason for my stating the years is because rap music wasn't so universal as it is now. Back then blacks and latino's had the Run DMC and LL Cool J shirts and the white kids wore Metallica, Def Leperd, Bon Jovi, etc.. shirts. Slang terms were also divided along ethnic lines so as someone who heard it every single day in school, at the basketball courts, and so on I can tell you that I never heard it used to refer to drugs.
  13. sodope New Member

    Well I got that from a few years ago when I was buying drugs. I'm a former addict. When you check your drugs to see if they're real, you either say to your buddy it's dope or it's not dope. If it's really good dope... then you say it's soooo dope, and you have a huge smile on your face at the same time. When we were kids, in the 70's the hippies referred to pot as dope. As in "Let's go buy some dope and get high"
  14. panjandrum

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    There are probably two quite distinct expressions here.

    The first, the topic of the thread, involves the use of "dope" as an adjective of approval meaning "cool, nice, awesome" or something similar.
    To this adjective can be added the emphasiser "so". Just as someone more boring might say "that is so good", others would say "so dope".

    The second is the use of the emphatic "so" with the noun "dope", the term for drugs as described by sodope. Now, "that is so dope" means something like "that is indeed dope, and it is dope of the most excellent quality".

    It's not a case of one or the other being the "right" interpretation generally, but it seems quite clear that it is the first that turned up in the movie.
  15. sodope New Member

    I think the "dope" became synonymous with "good" when people who didn't know what dope was heard others say it while smiling. They then applied a simple association; good IS dope! and dopier is goodier!

    I noticed people saying "so dope" when I was recovering from the drug addition and I would get pissed off that they were using a drug reference without even knowing it. I would question them and they would have no idea where the term was sourced.

    Like I said, back in the 70's, the word dope was being used heavily to refer to drugs. Smoking dope was smoking marijuana. This was in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada.
  16. Moongoon New Member

    Hey guys! Here is the definition of the street term "DOPE" the word dope was in heavy use from about the late 50s till the late 80s as it refers to drugs or drug users. But from about the late 60s on it mainly referred to the drug heroin that wreaked havoc in the US. There were widespread national campaigns and PSAs to make the public aware of the growing epidemic. I'd say the most popular one was "Why do you think they call it dope?" So the term became etched in the annals of Americana. Moving forward, "the hood"(where 98% of slang from that era came from! Mainly NYC!) would change the definition and apply it to potent marihuana as in" that reefer was dope " it wasn't long after that that it started being used for everything outstanding by a small group of influential wordsmiths on the streets of New York. When hiphop music hit the mainstream the words and sayings of the streets came with it. "That's Dope" became a hood term in about 1974. By the time rap records came out it was just common speak among urban conversation. That game was dope- that jacket is dope-that movie was dope and so on. Sadly, it started out as a negative term but now it's JUST SO DOPE....
  17. MarFish Senior Member

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    I still hear it. It's by no means widely used, but I hear it every once in a long while.

    True, but that definition is accurate. Dope means awesome, cool, etc.
  18. Egmont Senior Member

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    There is another possible interpretation. There's a form of teenage slang - it may be used by other groups also - where "that's so [noun]" is used as a short form for "that's so much like [noun] would do." There was a TV show a few years ago called "That's so Raven," where it referred to the things that the title character (Raven Baxter, a teen-age girl) would do. If a teacher, Mr. Kennedy, always uses a particular expression, and another student happens to say the same expression, his friends might say "That's so Mr. Kennedy." There is often a verbal stress on the word so.

    Using that structure, "that's so dope" means "that's so much like a dope would do," taking dope as a noun.
  19. Copperknickers Senior Member

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    The word dope is extremely common in youth American-British slang, especially among the Hipster and urban skate/graffiti crowd in places like New York, San Fransisco and parts of London. It is certainly not safe to say that today's teenagers are not using 1980's slang, in fact it is totally incorrect: it has never been more popular.
  20. Moongoon New Member

    Guys it's not that deep.Popular slang has origin. It all comes from some place. I'm just an older guy who happens to have been there when a lot of this stuff started. I happen to think you guys are pretty sharp for being interested the origins of slang in the first place." Dope" is the word we're focusing on. "It's so...that's not the point. Some young hipster heard an older person say it and then used it. But I used it in 1974 and I knew back then that it would never go away

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