'That's what there is'


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Can you say: 'that's what there is'

p1: Mom, what is for dinner?
p2: Spaghetti with meatballs
p1: But i hate it
p2: Sorry son , that's what there is. I am not going to cook something special for you.

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    Hmm, in my opinion, that's what there is doesn't sound very natural, but it doesn't sound flat out wrong either (I'd understand what you meant). I'm guessing most people would phrase this as that's all there is and this might imply something different than what you're looking for.

    That's all there is
    implies that there's nothing else to eat and that's why they're eating spaghetti and meatballs. My guess is, however, that Mom has already started cooking or planned dinner, and she does not feel like rearranging her schedule or planning something else just because her son isn't in the mood for it.

    In this case, she'd most likely say something like "Sorry, that's what it's going to be" or "Sorry, that's what we're having." I'm sure there are numerous ways to rephrase/express this though.
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