the “Father of Hybrid Rice” /“the Father of Hybrid Rice”


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In 1973, together with other scientists, he succeeded in developing hybrid rice. The introduction of this new product made China a leader in rice production. For this, he became know as the “Father of Hybrid Rice”.

(from an English textbook for junior high school students in China, co-published by DC Canada Education Publishing and Hebei Education Press)

I wonder if he became know as the “Father of Hybrid Rice” should be he became know as “the Father of Hybrid Rice”

Many thanks in advance.
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    First of all, it should be knowN.
    If "the" isn't included in the original title, you shouldn't add it.


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    I think that you are correct - both are possible, but “the Father of Hybrid Rice” sounds far better to me.

    I would agree with grassy if it were not in the title, but my feeling is "If the wasn't in the title, it should have been". :D

    "The" as a demonstrative adjective, in its meaning of "the one of which we are all aware" is usually used to qualify the unique name or title:
    The Eiffel Tower"
    "The Hanging Gardens of Babylon"
    "The Commander in Chief"
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