(the/a/-) German company BMW

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    Case: (the/a/-) German company BMW

    I know that before company names I shouldn't write an article. Also I know what article I would put if I wrote this sentence in this way: BMW, a German company....

    However, what article put if "Germany company" goes first (like in the case)? Should I treat it as a specific german company then and use "The", or should I treat it as just one of German companies and use "a" or should I treat it as part of the name and omit the article?

    Hope you'll understand the question! :)
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    As it's in apposition with the unique name 'BMW', the whole thing is unique, so it's 'the German company BMW' (like the opera Carmen or the number 3 or the musicologist Vytautas Landsbergis). However, particularly in journalism, you might see it without any article.
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    Thank you!
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    By the way, Am I understood correctly that if you structure phrase in this way "Bmw, a German company that.....", I need to use indefinite article. Right?

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