the/ a unique opportunity

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It is _______ opportunity to see African wildlife in its natural environment.

A. an unique
B. a unique
C. the unique
D. unique

Key: C
Why is the answer C, not B?

Another question is, I checked the phrase "an unique opportunity" and found thousands of results, is this acceptable to use an with unique?
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    The answer should be B. 250,000 mistakes is a relatively small number compared to 17,000,000 correct uses. Note that one of the hits is this thread which has both. There are probably a lot of questions like this one out there.


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    I don't know why B is incorrect. Both C and B are acceptable but each article gives a different meaning, so maybe it's to do with the greater context of the question. Is it a comprehension exercise?

    "an unique" is a frequent misspelling. The U in unique is a pronounced as a consonant (the palatal approximate or y), we say a yunique, a yurope, a yunicorn. We only use "an" before true vowels.
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    In many if not most cases, I'd be likelier to write "a unique" myself, as might be the case for most people and most situations. To some, "the unique" would sound odd. However, both B and C would be grammatically correct, given the information you provided. I assume there is no further context?

    Your second question has been asked before here:
    A/an: unique
    A/an: unique: "in 'an' unique way"
    An <vs> A unique number.
    Yes, of course, I have nothing more than the question itself.

    For me, a/ an/ the unique could be grammatically right, however, because it is a multiple-choice question, there is only one answer.
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