the acceleration of links

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One of the first products BuzzFeed Labs built was an instant messaging client, BuzzBot, that would message users a link to the hottest thing on the Web that day. Its IMs were based on algorithms that examined the acceleration of links; BuzzBot grabbed feeds from hundreds of blogs and searched for new links that were spreading to other sites quickly.

(This comes from INSIDE BUZZFEED: The Story Of How Jonah Peretti Built The Web's Most Beloved New Media Brand by Alyson Shontell on Dec. 11, 2012.)

What do "acceleration" and "acceleration of links" mean here? The links' rate?

Thanks in advance!
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    It means the rate of increase in the number of links discovered - links from websites, blogs, etc, to the resource being focused on.

    Clearly if two sites both publish pages about topic X, but one of those sites is detected to be attracting links more rapidly, it suggests that site's pages are more informative/entertaining than the other site's pages.

    It's a bit like votes or "likes" and importantly the counting and evaluation of links is automated and is thus easily scalable.
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