The ace of spades!


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I am reading "The Lieutenant of Inishmore" by "Martin McDonagh". I was wondering what does "The ace of space" represent in the "Dying Rebel" lyrics.

The last part of the lyrics is:
kneeling low I heard him say, God bless my home on dear Cork City, God bless the cause for which I die." The ace of spades! The ace of spades!...

I really appreciate your help.
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    The ace of spades became associated with death during the Vietnam war of the 1960s and 1970s. By the time McDonagh wrote this play in the 1990s, the association was well established; this card had become known as the "death card."


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    Ineresting. It reminds me of Pushkin's Queen of Spades... I wonder if there is a connection. :confused:
    If I believe what I've just read on a couple of (French) sites, as far as modern fortune-tellers are concerned, the ace of spades symbolises something like a great victory after a hard-fought battle. But to me the ace of spades evokes only a card, or someone dressed as a scarecrow!
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