the actions and arts of mimicry

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Hi. What does arts mean in this context? Is actions and arts a set phrase?
In all these Instances, this Secondary Pleasure of the Imagination proceeds from that Action of the Mind, which compares the Ideas arising from the Original Objects, with the Ideas we receive from the Statue, Picture, Description, or Sound that represents them. [...] For it is this [i.e, comparison] that not only gives us a Relish of Statuary, Painting and Description, but makes us delight in all the Actions and Arts of Mimickry. (Spectator, 1712, 416)
Thank you. :)
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    No, that is not a set phrase. The actions of mimickry (note that this an archaic spelling) are the things that the mimic does. The arts* of mimicry are the aspects of mimicry that are seen to be skilful.

    * See WR Dictionary art(1), noun, meanings 1 and 4.
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