The Aerie, Camp Tamanend, Toe-Hold, Weowna Camp


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I have a problem with translating a passage from Stephanie Clifford's 'Everybody Rise'.

On Mt. Jobe Road, each house was marked with a modest wood post and slightly madcap letters, naming the places with a mix of homage and play — The Aerie, Camp Tamanend, Toe-Hold, Weowna Camp.

OK, I understand the pun with We own a camp but as for the others? The Aerie - does it simply mean eagle's nest or is there something more to it? Camp Tamanend - is there a pun or a joke in this name? Toe-Hold - the same question here. I feel I can't leave these names as they are and should find some counterparts so I need to know what they refer to. Many thanks for any suggestions.
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