the agonizing pace

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Hi there
Help me to understand what ( the agonizing pace) means here, please.

( There is a final piece of Ingmar Bergman which may make it possible for him to survive the inner intensity, the agonizing pace of his work. In a tiny, sunny corner of himself.Bergman is bemused by being Bergman.It is a niche where he does not take himself and his art so very seriously.) From Ingmar Bergman Interviews by Raphael Shargel/ page 112.

As far as I know the word for word meaning of it could be ( painful step) or ( painful velocity ),but I'm not sure if it makes sense here.
So the painful step of his work could make him possible to survive his inner intensity.
Is that right?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Your second choice, "painful velocity," [note the use of quotation marks] is more or less correct. But from what I remember of Bergman's films, the pace of most of them is agonizingly slow.


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    One of the definitions for "agony": "the struggle that precedes death". I think "agonising pace" may be "slow and long-drawn-out ", so the films are like the agony of death - not that they are agonising for the viewer (though they may be both).
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