The (altitude vs elevation) in which I ride Moltres


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Which is more correct to use in this sentence?

I ride Moltres at a higher (altitude, elevation) when I am riding Moltres long distances than I do if I am just riding her to the next city over, during Pokémon bird races races, I ride her at an even lower (altitude, elevation).

And what is the rule or why do I use one over the other?
  • dojibear

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    When I was a pilot, we always used "altitude" for airplanes and "elevation" for airports ("places" on the ground).

    Note also that the "altitude" of an airplane can mean two things:

    1. height above sea level
    2. height above the ground directly below you

    Checking the WR dictionary, it looks like "altitude" can be used for things flying both meanings) or on the ground (height above sea level),

    while "elevation" is for places on the ground (height above sea level) or for buildings (height above the ground: 12 stories, 80 meters).


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    When I used to climb we referred to the ground we stood on as "elevation".

    We climbed to the elevation of 19,300 feet; the air was thin and it was difficult to breath; on top of that we all got sunburned.

    We flew from Denver to L.A. at an altitude of 19,000 feet, with little turbulence.
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