The amount was just enough


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I was taking a note from a meeting and I was about to run out of the paper, but was saved by the bell as the meeting was over as soon as I reached the end of my last page.

how do you describe this? In my language, I would say "it just matched" (just so you know)
  • lingobingo

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    Yes. Or “just the right amount” of paper. If the meeting went on until you had no paper left to take notes, you could say that you’d run out of paper.


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    I ran out of paper, just when the meeting ended. I had just enough paper for all my notes.

    Note that "paper" is an uncountable noun, so you can't say "run out of the paper". To create a countable noun, you use "<measure word> of paper". One piece of paper is a "sheet". So you could say "I ran out of sheets of paper."
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