The answer key will be given in an hour.


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Answer key will be given in an hour.
The answer key will be given in an hour.

Suppose that I have an English learning group on the internet. I post a multiple choice question in the group but I don't give the answer key till my friends have enough time to think about the question and guess the answer. In this context, I want to say the above sentence but I'm not sure whether I should use article "the" before the word "answer" or not.

Any guidance?

Thank you.
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    And, if it's just one question, it's an answer, not an answer key.
    And if it's several questions, I'd say "the answers".

    I don't much like the term "answer key". It suggests that the answers are somehow "keyed" or encoded. Accordingly it would be appropriate only for multiple-choice questions (I'm glad to see that SB has mentioned multiple choice) in which the answers are given only by their code letters. I suggest that is not good practice, since it is easier for an error to creep into the key than if the complete answers are given (preferably with each answer preceded by its question).

    Even with keys, I'd still prefer to call them "the answers".
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