The answer of the Western world

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The answer of the Western world/The Western world's answer is to use technology to produce food more quickly.

Which sounds beeter to you, The answer of the Western world or The Western world's answer? Thanks.
  • liliput

    Senior Member
    U.K. English
    I would say "The Western World's answer".
    When to use the Saxon Genitive (the possesive "'s") is a common problem. A common answer to many such problems in English is which one is quicker and easier to say, but there are certain rules for the Saxon Genitive. I think it's something to do with whether the subject is a person or a thing. For example:
    "It's Peter's restaurant." is fine,
    but we don't usually say
    "Peter is the restaurant's owner"
    instead we say
    "Peter is the owner of the restaurant"
    In the case of your sentence I believe we can think of the Western World as a large collection of people, therefore "Western World's owner".
    I know I haven't expressed the rule very clearly because I don't remember it very well but I'm sure it's very simple to understand if someone can explain it better than I have.
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