the 'Appeals box' in Wembley Stadium

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    Hi! I'm translating a Bob Geldof interview about Queen's performance in Live Aid, and I don't undertand what "Appeals box" means in the following sentence: "I was actually upstairs in the Appeals box in Wembley Stadium and I went outside and I heard this sound, you know, and I thought, 'God, who's got the sound together?'" Can anyone explain to me, please? Thanks
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    Google's number one listing is the above message, and the others seem to be chiefly legal terms and references to campus boxes where students may place appeals concerning poor test scores. Doesn't make sense in the context of your quote.
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    I found the interview on the Queen website: BBC Radio 1 '95. In this version of the text, 'appeals box' is not capitalized.

    Live Aid was a fund-raising event, and Bob Geldof was one of the organizers. I suspect that the "appeals box" was the place where the people sat who were asking for donations during breaks in the music.
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    Wembley is a stadium for sporting and other events. Like theatres and racecourses there are a few special areas for spectators called 'boxes' with excellent views. There's the Royal Box and the Press Boxes and there may be others. Companies often pay large sums to rent a box where they can entertain their guests. They have private facilities such as toilets, a bar, tables for dining, communications and kitchens. I imagine the "Appeals box" is where the Live Aid concert organisers watched the event.
    I probably wouldn't capitalize appeals box because I don't think it's a permanent box just for appeals events.

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    Yes, I thought it was like a charity box, I was jut confused because Appeals is capitalized in the text... Thanks everyone! It was quite helpful! : )
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    In all sports, there is an appeal procedure for situations where a player disagrees with a ruling by an official on the field. They can ask someone else, who may be in a better position to have seen what happened, to confirm or overturn that ruling. This is an appeal. That box may be where the judges who rule on such appeals normally sit for some sports. I'm not sure, but that would explain why Appeals Box is written with capital letters, and why a place like Wembley (which is normally used for sports) would have one.

    I don't think it has anything to do with charity.

    I'd like someone who's familiar with British sports and their stadiums to confirm or dispute this, though.
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    Perhaps I am not good enough for you! :) This is in connection with the LiveAid concert organised by Bob Geldorf which was an appeal for money to alleviate famine in Africa, in the mid eighties. Wembley is used for all sorts of very large events, especially pop concerts. A search for 'Appeals box'. brought no results. This is somebody talking informally, so I would say he is using 'appeals box' in a loose way to mean the box that was reserved for the organising team of LiveAid and any other people associated with it. Maybe artists used it when they were waiting their turn. Maybe the telephone team was installed there to take the donations as they were phoned in.

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    Another very strong possibility is that the 'appeals box' is the box (used for other purposes at other times) from which appeals were made by the famous personalities who would appear in between the musical acts and urge the TV viewing public to donate money for starving people in Africa.

    In fact, Bob Geldorf was famous for speaking from just such a 'box' when he slammed his fist on the table and said words to the effect "Give us your f*cking money!".

    Incidentally, the phones for the staff taking calls from people making donations would not be located in such a box. A regular call centre would be used for that purpose, with hundreds of phone lines and hundreds of staff, and taking calls both during and after the show.
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    Really, I just LOVE this forum. You are all just so helpful! I'm translating Freddie Mercury's biography into Portuguese and a whole chapter is about the Live Aid. After seeing all your posts, I think what makes sense the most is that the Appeals box is the place where the organizers stayed during the shows. Thank you so much again!

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