The Art of Position Keeping

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    Hi everyone,

    I have to translate this title: The art of position keeping

    I don't really know how to translate position keeping that is a financial term.

    Do you know how it is in japanese.

    Thanks a lot!!
  2. noriaki Senior Member


    I think a word "position" means what kind of and how many stocks (, bonds and/or futures etc.) a dealer (or a securities firm etc.) has.

    If so, you can translate "position" into "ポジション."
    "position keeping" can be ポジションの保持.

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    In the financial context, would ふところぐあい (not sure about the kanji, I think it's 懐具合) for position not be suitable too? I believe this means the balance of incomes and expenses of a person, or their financial standing.

    If I'm adding nothing up to this discussion at all, I humbly apologize for bumping this old thread orz.
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    I think you can simply say ポジション to mean position in context of finance. Try googling ポジション with ロング and ショート. It'll give you many examples.

    ふところぐあい is a totally different word. Literally, yes it means balance of income, but it's used to describe the state of one's personal finance. Also, it sounds classic or literary.

    E.g. 今月はボーナスが少なかったので懐具合が悪い。
    Because I didn't get a big bonus this month, I'm financially tight.

    Hope this help!

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