The audience stood up to give a big hand after <excellent performance>

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I'm preparing for an exam on Use of English and doing tons of mock papers.

I came across the following question:-

Question: The audience stood up to give a big hand after ________________ (Fill in the blank)

a. a excellent performance of him,
b. a excellent performance of his.
c. a excellent performance of he.
d. the excellence performance of his.
e. the excellent performance of him.

I picked D, but the answer key said it should be E. Could you help me out here guys? Much appreciated!
  • The Newt

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    They're all wrong, but for different reasons (sometimes more than one). The first three would have to be "an excellent...," "the excellence performance" is wrong, and "of him" is wrong.


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    Welcome to the forums, leungkwokting!

    I agree with grassy and The Newt. All the options in post 1 are wrong:(.
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