the back of the onion bag


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Could anyone explain the meaning of "the back of the onion bag"? I came across this phrase at just now and referred to a dictionary, but I couldn't find its definition.

"However, just as it appeared as though the Brits were headed to a shootout, Becks nailed a wicked, 25-foot free kick and found the back of the onion bag in the 60th minute." [ref]

Thank you.
  • The onion bag refers to the net portion of the goal. Onion bags are made out of net. I don't know the reason for this. I assume it has something to do with keeping the onions "fresh" and the aroma somewhat dilluted by surrounding fresh air.

    Keep in mind that sports analysts (especially those in the U.S.) take great creative freedoms when writing. Onion bags and football generally tend not to have anything to do with one another. A sportswriter will see to it that they do.