The bale of old stuff was never squared away


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Reacher had very few civilian clothes, and some of them weren’t really civilian. His off-duty pants were Marine Corps khakis about thirty years old. He knew a guy who knew a guy who worked in a warehouse, where he claimed there was a bale of old stuff wrongly delivered back when LBJ was still president, and then never squared away again afterwards.

Source: Night School by Lee Child

What does squared away mean? Below WRF definition do not seem to fit. I could guess widely that it would mean never claimed.

square away:

  • Naval Terms[Naut.]to arrange the yards so as to sail before the wind.
  • to prepare;
    get ready:Square away for dinner.
  • Sportto assume a position of defense or offense:The wrestlers squared away for the first fall.
  • to organize or complete satisfactorily;
    put in order:I want to square away the work before going on vacation
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