the ball is in your court


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Is there a fun way to translate "the ball is in your court"? The idiom is referring to the game of tennis and is essentially eliciting a response from the other person. Hmmmm... Let me think of an example...

"Do you remember that guy I met at the coffee shop the other day? I called and left a message on his machine. The ball is in his court now."

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    How would one translate the common English phrase "The ball is in your court"? (I mean it figuratively.)
    Is there a French equivalent?
    Or would it simply be something like "c'est à toi"?



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    Well, in a googlefight, in your court returns more results than on your side of the court.

    I find it strange, though, because the court is both playing sides, with the net in between. So the ball is always on the court. But when it is on your side, it’s your turn to play, to respond, to react.

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