The Beautiful and Damned vs The Beautiful and The Damned

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The Beautiful and Damned
is the title of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel.
Do you think "The Beautiful and Damned" is one person if you see only the title?
And, Do you native speakers think there would be two person (beautiful person and damned person) if the title were The Beautiful and The Damned?

Thanks in advance.
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    I haven't read the book, but I've always assumed that Fitzgerald's title referred to a group of people, some of whom were beautiful, some of whom were damned (and possibly some who were both).

    I would take your amendment to refer to a group of people, all of whom were both beautiful and damned.

    Edit: The above is wrong: I meant the exact opposite, based on some weird subconscious feeling that it was Fitz who used the two "the"s, and tcom's that omitted one. I think that Parla and I are pretty much in agreement. My apologies.
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    I haven't read that 1922 novel either, but I'd assume that the title refers EITHER to one person who's both beautiful and damned OR to a group who are both beautiful and damned. I find it ambiguous.

    With the addition of "the" before "Damned", I might assume the same OR I might assume that it was about two different people OR about two different groups. I'd find it even more ambiguous.

    In either case, the ambiguity might have made people curious and eager to read the book.
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