the beginning has begin, begun or began...?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Angelzz, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Angelzz New Member

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    I want to know which one is correct...
    "the beginning has begin"?
    "the beginning has begun"?
    "the beginning has began"?

    I want to say that the beginning just start...
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  2. SwissPete

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    Which one do you think is correct, Angelzz.

    Hint: If you look here in the WR dictionary, you will have your answer.

    PS: The correct spelling of the word is beginning.
  3. Angelzz New Member

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    number 1...?
  4. Angelzz New Member

    Bahasa Indonesia
    I have read it... but I don't understand...
    can you just tell me...?
  5. Fabulist Banned

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    The principal parts of "begin" follow the pattern of many strong verbs in English, like swim, stink, and ring. The infinitive and present tense have an "i" as the vowel (the other are, I think, all monosyllabic): "I begin now, he begins." The past tense has an "a" for a vowel: "It began yesterday." The past participle has a "u" as its vowel: "It has begun."

    You have to be careful, because a few verbs of this type have switched from an i-a-u pattern to i-u-u (like swing and cling). But if you have a choice of one form with an "i," one with an "a," and one with a "u," the "i" form is the present tense, the "a" form is the past tense, and the "u" form is the past participle, which is used with auxiliary verbs to form the three perfect tenses.
  6. Parla Senior Member

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    None of the above.

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