the best of us


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I was reading a news about the next Olympic Games and I read the slogan "The best of us". Then I saw two possible translations into Spanish and my question is, are both translations possible? What do you think?

1st. Los mejores de nosotros (in the games there are only the best)
2nd. Lo mejor de nosotros (we are offering the best)


  • Meeracat

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    In my opinion these strap lines are often meant to be ambiguous so that various meanings can be read into them: The games are the best, the participants are the best, they bring out the best in all of us, they show that the best that the country can do etc; I would suggest that you search for an equally ambiguous statement in spanish that would allow people to impute various meanings.


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    Sin contexto no veo ambigüedad, creo que la segunda opción es la correcta.

    Pues para tener el otro significado sería "the best of our team..." o algo parecido