The best thing that I did


Good day to everyone!
I wrote the following answer to a post on teaching:
"Teaching is good by itself. No matter how absurd the conditions can be. I know that I didn't lose that year of my life, but did good, tried to make a difference. It was one of the worst experiences in my life, but probably, it was the best thing that I did in my life."

Please, could you tell me, if I used the correct tense and words in "it was the best thing that I did in my life"?
  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    The wording is fine. Other options are possible, though and if the year you are describing is reasonably recent , then "that I have ever done" is more natural than "that I did in my life". "That I did in my life" makes it sound as if your life is nearly over, and you are looking back at events from when you were much younger.

    If you use the present perfect "have ever done", then you can also use "is the best thing" rather than "was the best thing", but here I would be less inclined to change it; "was the best thing" is fine.