the black bloc

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Tabby to Justine:
— Most of what we do is behind the scenes organizing, infiltrating fascist groups, doxing them, disrupting their recruitment, and yes, we do engage in defensive violence at fascist rallies. And one of these days, if you can bear to tear yourself away from your tea set long enough, you’re gonna be at a counter-protest, and the black bloc is gonna save your life, because you don’t look like you can fight, and the police certainly aren’t going to save you.
The Left, video by ContraPoints

I know what "Black Bloc" means, and that "block" here probably means "a combination of countries, parties, or groups sharing a common purpose", right?

If so, what does it particularly mean in the OP? Is it about a member of this group? Or, still, the whole group? Why the deifnite article?

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    I think it is a reference to the entire set of people that collectively make up the "black bloc". It would be like saying "the police will rescue you". In this statement, there is no intent to pick out a particular police officer, or sub-set of all police officers, as being the agent(s) responsible for your deliverance from peril.


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    It means the whole group.

    Black bloc is probably not the official name of the organization. The nickname has the definite article because bloc is countable and there is only one black bloc.
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