the blaze of sunlit pageantry

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Hi, this is from the Career of Evil by R. Galbraith:

The weather remained cool, rain-flecked and faintly blustery as June entered its second week. The blaze of sunlit pageantry that had surrounded the royal wedding had receded into memory: the giddy high tide of romantic fervour had ebbed, the wedding merchandise and congratulatory banners had been removed from shop windows and the capital’s newspapers returned to more mundane matters, including an imminent Tube strike.

Could you rewrite the bold part so that it is more understandable? Thank you.
  • dermott

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    It's a good example of what is called "purple prose" - extravagant, flowery, overblown prose. It's very difficult to rewrite such prose into simple English. All it means is that the royal wedding was a very colourful, elaborate ceremony that made a big impact at the time but that impact has now faded.
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