The body feels off

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What does 'the body feels off' mean in this sentence:

Howver, if you really stop and experience it, the actual craving is painful- your body feels off, your emotional sensations are unpleasant ....

thank you

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    Hi jacdac- To feel "off" means to feel "not normal", "not usual". If I feel grumpy or in a bad mood, I can say, "I feel 'off' today" (because usually I'm happy). A sports star (maybe Manny Pacquiao) who has a bad day on the field (or in the boxing ring) can say, "My body was off today," or "My game was off today."


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    Hi jacdac,

    We sometimes say, in BrE, that we feel 'off colour' but I think that is too weak an expression for what I assume are the consequences of taking an addictive drug.

    I can only think of feeling 'physically ill' or 'very unwell'. I am sure there is a better idea somewhere on the forum.;)
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