The bookstore has so many good things to read.

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Soon they pass a bookstore. “This is my favourite store. It has so many good things to read.” Jenny says.

(from an English textbook for junior high school students in China, co-published by DC Canada Education Publishing and Heibei Education Press)

I wonder if it has so many good things to read is correct.

I’d also like to know if I could say the following sentence before a bakery:

It has so many good things to eat.

Thanks in advance.
  • DonnyB

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    Yes, those sentences are correct, but I can't personally imagine many British kids actually saying them in the course of a casual conversation with a friend. :(

    I'd expect to hear something more along the lines of "It has tons of good stuff to read/eat".

    suzi br

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    These are text-book sentences, not very “natural” sounding. The bakery one sounds more realistic than the bookshop one.
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