the boys have done a bit of bird


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This is a part of the song "tripping" by "Robbie williams"

You've been messing with some very heavy faces
The boys have done a bit of bird

What does this sentence mean?

Could anybody help me?
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    They have been in prison. English slang, "bird" is a prison sentence. Maybe American slang too, I don't know.
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    The boys, plural, have all served a term or so in prison.

    A "heavy" in English slang is a thug, a bruiser, a person who knows how to use violence, hence "heavy faces".

    So the two lines mean "you have been playing games with some dangerous and violent people". Not good.
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    And of course face was/is cockney (?) / London (?) slang for person.

    The beat combo "The Small Faces" were named thus I believe because the four boys in the band were all diminutive chaps.


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    Asked an Irish colleague about "done a bit of bird" and he had no clue. I suppose it's "local" enough since it was not known (had not been "exported") at that stage in Ireland. This is when the tripping song was launched, so... that's around 6-7 years ago.
    May be known or even widely used in Ireland nowadays. Any Irish man around?


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    I continue to be impressed with the WRF dictionary and its capture of things like this - I now routinely check words there before answering posts (don't you all do that too, like good foreros following the rules? :eek: ?)

    Under the entry "bird"
    do (one's) bird Brit. informal serve a prison sentence. [bird from rhyming sl. birdlime ‘time’.]