the bulb got lighter

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There was a nob on the desk lamp. I turned the nob a little bit to the right, the lamp was on, but the light was very dim, then I turned the nob to the right again, it had more light in the bulb(of the lamp) now, but the light was still dim.

Can I say "the bulb got lighter" here(for the above bold sentence)?

(I don't think I can say "got brighter" here because the light was still dim. And does "lighter" has two meanings(the weight and the light) here?)

Thank you.
  • Egmont

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    "The bulb got lighter" can only mean that it weighed less.

    (By the way, it's a knob, not a nob. The k is silent, as it is in most words that start with kn, such as knife.)
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