the cadence of the bounce-hit focus

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The exercise was to say out loud the word “bounce” the instant the ball hit the court and the word “hit” at the moment of impact with the racket. Once the player got locked in to “bounce-hit,” an almost immediate improvement could be seen in the way he swung his racket and moved his feet and body, and there was usually an observable increase in relaxation and fluidity of movement. Players hit even more difficult shots with relative effortlessness while their conscious mind was absorbed in the cadence of the bounce-hit focus.
Source: The Inner Game of Golf by Timothy Gallwey

Does cadence in this context refer to the infection of the voice of the player when saying aloud 'bounce' and 'hit' or it refers to the infection of the sound of the ball generated on bouncing on the floor and hitting the racket? Or simply the rhythm of hit-bounce-hit-bounce-hit-.... ?

Thank you
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