The car had fallen into disrepair

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St. John man finds car of his youth 50 years after selling it(By Lara Krupicka)
The 1940 Ford remained in Jatczak's garage until after his death in 1983. His widow ultimately sold the car to Crown Point car collector George Deifel. The car had fallen into disrepair, and Deifel took it upon himself to restore it.

Longman dictionary said that buildings, roads etc that are in disrepair are in bad condition.
Is it also correct to say a vehicle has fallen into disrepair?

Thank you for your help.
  • Jason_2_toi

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    It's unusual, and not a very good choice of words. A car would fall into a state of dilapidation.


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    I think a car might "fall into disrepair"—a rather grand way of saying it needed fixing. I'd use it for a rather grand car, but not for my little old Fiat.


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    No, "disuse" just means that something is not being used. It's condition might remain perfect, though. "Disrepair" is about poor condition.
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