the challenge is often presented primarily as one of matching...

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Será que poderiam me ajudar na tradução da frase acima? O contexto é o seguinte:

Despite these concerns, much of the business world seems to have difficulty recognising that one of the most sweeping and effective solutions is right here, staring it in the face: making better use of women's potential. Although we would not necessary equate the female sex with all the attributes of a pachyderm, the situation is akin to that of the "elephant in the room", the big truth that people prefer to ignore. The Economist dedicated a special survey to the subject of talent in its 7 October 2006 issue. Curiously, women were not mentioned as a solution.
The challenge is often presented as one of matching mobile capital with a mobile workforce. Yet making the most of female brainpower represents an opportunity to maximise growth without the social upheavals, real or imagined, that nations fear will accompany the mass migration of people. Doing so will benefit economies, companies and the boards which run them.


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    "Freüentemente, o desafio que se apresenta consiste em combinar o capital móvel com a mão-de-obra móvel."
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