the children jumped the land

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    i'm reading a short story by ws maugham, here is the line:

    there is a text that says: the fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge. I guess it works differently in Honolulu. the fathers brought Christianity to the Kanaka and the children jumped his land.

    what does exactly mean to jump one's land? is that something like they enjoyed the fruits of the land?
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    Credo che in questo contesto "jump" stia per "impossessarsi/prendere possesso/occupare".

    "I figli si sono impossessati della sua terra". Aspettiamo comunque conferme o smentite...:)

    P.s. Hai lasciato le maiuscole a casa? :D
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    The language of the story may represent a particular time or place. I'm not familiar with the phrase "jump (someone's) land" but the interpretation by Matrap is correct. Usually we hear the word "jump" in this sense as part of the phrase "jump a claim" or "claim jumper" which referred to taking possession of someone else's land, usually with specific reference to mineral rights.

    found this showing how it is used in contemporary language:
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    thanks for the help! i think it was the right meaning..

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