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  1. trigel Senior Member

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    What do you call what Christians call "the Bible" (Tanakh + the New Testament (+ apocrypha))?
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  3. Tararam Senior Member

    I guess "ביבליה" is the correct term, we usually refer to the Tanakh and the New Testament separately.
    There's a colloquial term called "התנ"ך הנוצרי" that you might meet, but it's naturally erroneous.
  4. GeriReshef

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    We don't have a special term for both the the Old and the New Testaments, probably because from the Jewish perspective they are perceived as different books of different religions.

    The prevailing terminology:
    הברית החדשה = the New Testament
    התנ"ך = the Bible (the Old Testament)
    התורה = the Pentateuch or the Old Testament or both the Old Testament and the Mishna or the Halacha (הלכה) ;depending the context
    התורה שבכתב = the Pentateuch or the Old Testament
    התורה שבעל פה = the Mishna
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    I've seen some Hebrew Bibles (including the New Testament, not sure about the apocrypha) simply called: ספר הבריתות

    But if you were to just simply say that, I don't know how well it would be understood in this context. You'd probably have to specify and use terms such as הברית החדשה.

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