The city sprawls between desert to its south and mountains to north

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  1. supermarioutd Senior Member

    Hello everyone.

    Let's say there is a huge sprawling city that is located between a large desert and a massive mountain range. Does this sentence work for describing that city?:

    The city sprawls between a large desert to its south and high mountains to the north.

    If this does not work, please tell me another way which works.

    Thanks in advance
  2. The Newt

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    I think it's okay, provided that it borders both the mountains and the desert.
  3. Uncle Jack

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    I would not use "its" in this situation, but would use "the" for both.
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  4. Chez Senior Member

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    I agree with Newt that the sentence implies that the city sprawls the whole way between the edge of the desert and the mountain range. If that's true, that's fine.

    If not, you'd need to say something like: sprawls across the plain/valley/grassland etc that lies between the desert and the mountain range (then the plain/valley/grassland stretches between the two points, but the city may only sprawl across part of the distance).
  5. kentix

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  6. supermarioutd Senior Member

    Other than that it's okay?
  7. kentix

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    It sounds fine to me.

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