The cold is higher today

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India-Local dialect
I want to write different degrees of cold, keeping the cold as a subject.

Will the following sentences collocate well.

The cold is higher today.
The cold is more today.
The cold got higher this evening.
  • yourfairlady05

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    English - United States
    None of these sentences make sense. Is this referring to the weather? If so, cold can only get colder, which means less warm. A cold can not raise in temperature, otherwise it's just called "getting warmer". If you're trying to say "it's getting colder" then you say just that "It's (getting) colder today"


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    English - Australia
    The only somewhat similar sentences I can think of that would make any sense would be:

    The cold is more intense today.
    The cold is worse today.

    (I'm not particularly keen on my second suggestion, but it sort of makes sense.)

    As yourfairlady05 has pointed out, you would usually hear "It's colder today".
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