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Spanish - Argentina
Hi, I would like to know which word fit better in this case:

"At first sight, it has the appearance of being a Roman camp but if you study these aerial photographs you can see the _______ of a much older settlement underneath."

I think that the word is complexion, but the excercise also gives me the words: appearance, aspect, complexion and expression. Anyway, the meaning in a dictonary of the word "complexion" is related to the aspect of the skin, so I can't see what would it mean there.
Also, the other word I underlined was completed by me so if I did a mistake please tell me,

Thank you!
  • Trinity2000

    Spanish - Argentina
    Your use of "appearance" is impeccable.

    you can see the nature of a much older settlement

    you can see the characteristics of a much older settlement

    you can see the features of a much older settlement
    Yes, I repleaced appearance for aspect.

    Anyway, in the second gap I have to complete with a word between these words: "complexion, appearance, aspect, expression or outline". So I need to know which of those words fits better in that context and why, and as a I expleained before, I think it is complexion.

    Thank u!
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