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    Hello there,

    Native language speakers use "the country of origin". Such as, The country of origin was unknown. I prefer the origin of country was unknown instead of this sentence. What is the difference between these sentences. Actually, I have not understood what the country of origin is. Could anybody explain this?
  2. JamesM

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    "The origin of (a) country" would answer the question "How did this country originate? How did this country come into existence?" Country of origin means the country from which this product (or person) came.
  3. AllAboutUs Senior Member

    JamesM, could you give the question of "country of origin" ?
  4. Packard

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    USA, English

    Do you mean something like this?

    Where are Rolex watches manufactured?

    The country of origin is Switzerland.
  5. AllAboutUs Senior Member

    It's okay now. Thanks, JamesM and Packard :)

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