The cream of the crop

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    Hi people!

    I'd like to know the idiomatic meaning of this expression. I suppose it means that if a person is the cream of the crop, he or she might be the best in a group, I'd like to understand the play of words involved here.

    This is the context: "Luckily for us red-blooded males lusting for fresh faces, Mischa Barton is among the cream of the crop. One of the most sought-after actresses of her generation, Entertainment Weekly has labeled her one of 2003's "It" girls, designating her among the most creative people in the entertainment industry."

    Thank you very much!!
  2. kgleoite Member

    The cream of the crop = the best

    Hope this helps
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    In non-processed dairy products, cream rises to the top, so cream has come to mean "the top", or "the best".

    If a farmer sells only the best corn out of his entire crop to me, I would say, "He sold me the cream of the crop."

    When we say "cream of the crop" we mean "the best of the group." In the context of your quote, Mischa Barton is among the best of the actresses in her generation [group].
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