the creative bit of creative destruction


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The following is from The Economist.

"Pro-capitalists rightly argue that the creative bit of creative destruction outweighs the destructive side. Thanks to Google and its likes we can search a good portion of human knowledge in an instant. Thanks to firms like Apple we each carry a supercomputer in our pockets. Thanks to sharing-economy companies such as Uber and Task Rabbit, people who do not want to work regular hours can find work whenever it suits them. The best way to solve some of our most nagging problems is to unleash the power of innovation."

Then, what does the words "the creative bit" mean? In particular, "the ... bit" in this context.
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    The term "creative destruction" is used to describe a process of change in the economy by innovation which leads to creation of new products and concepts and destroys the old ones. That line says the creative aspect (the creative bit or part) provides enough benefit to justify the destructive aspect. It outweighs or has more impact than the destructive aspect.
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