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Hi there!
It's a third(and hopefully the last) question about an article called "Parenthood" from CPE papers.
Apart from everything else a long, continual process of turtles multiplication was described there. Here is a sentence:
They returned to the beach on which they had hatched, and the credits rolled.
They are a new generation of turtles. Early in the article there was a passage on how turtles pass on their instincts to survive.
From my investigation I found that credits role was/is an expression used at the end of movies to thank those who contributed. In the sentence I wrote it seems to be used as "and the process repeats".
So, any other suggestions? What is a wider implication of the phrase?

Thank you in advance!
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    Without the full context, I would suggest that "the credits rolled" means that "the show is over, i.e. that's the end of our story."


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    I believe you found the correct implication of the phrase. My only other guess (and this is a real long-shot, Copyright's response is far more likely) is that they meant to imply that the turtles mated. In some movies/television shows the plot may imply sexual activity, and then cut to the credits without actually showing it.
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