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  1. Vivemafille Senior Member

    How does one say "the cross street(s)" in Chinese? Is "最接近的街道" OK?
    a. What's your location?
    b. 500 Hitchcock Street.
    a. What are the cross streets?
    b. It's between Calle Real and State Street.
  2. paul0707

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    As the meaning as "the connecting street(s)", I can't see there is a simple correspondence in Chinese.
    So, "最接近的街道"is OK. I would just say "附近有什么街道?"or"有什么相邻的街道?"
  3. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

    According to your context, I'd say:
    b.在Calle Real 和 State Street 中间(那段)。

    "最接近的街道"makes sense, but we don't usually say that; or you can also say "附近的街道".
  4. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese
    Hope this helps.
  5. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

    No, I think the three streets mentioned in the OP are in the shape of "H", i.e. "Hitchcock Street" is in the middle while "Calle Real and State Street" are crossed with it.
  6. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese
    Oh my apology for not having a clear understanding of the question.

    I think we need a better picture, literary, to the question. If the layout of the roads is in "H" shape, with *only* a Hitchcook Street traversing/linking the other 2 streets namely Calle Real and State, then we won't say 中间(那段) since that is the only street that links the two.

    If Hitchcock Street is one of the many streets that join Calle Real to State, then all the more we won't say 中间(那段) since Hitchcock Street may be in the upper or lower section of the many streets.

    My humble suggestion :)
    a. What are the cross streets? Hitchcock Street 挨着那些路?
    b. It's between Calle Real and State Street. 就在 Calle Real 与 State Street 之间
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  7. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    It's interesting that Chinese are more used to memorizing names of specific areas, rather than locating roads' names. I think it's because of some historical and traffic reasons.
  8. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

    So true...特别是北京!“XX门”,“XX楼”,“XX桥”,“XX庄”,“XX村”,“XX坟”:eek:。。。老北京说得特别溜,但外地人不住个一年半载根本不知道哪是哪。。。
  9. Youngfun

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    Bắc Kinh
    Wu Chinese & Italian
    学习了。原来cross street 和 crossroad 不是一回事啊。
  10. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    原文是What ARE the cross STREETS, 可见不是在某一个十字路口等,而是正在某条路的中段,临近某两个路口。
  11. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    I think people in some countries (i.e. USA) are more used to street names, because their towns was developed fast after the industrial revolution, when private cars were populized to ordinary families. People drive from street to street.
    In China, the cities and towns were built earlier. Even today, most people still don't have cars. They go to a place and stay there for a while, and then another place.

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