The damned and the saved

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by Il Turco, Dec 12, 2012.

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    I am writing a play and I would like to put it's title into German. In English it's "The damned and the saved".

    My try in German is "Die Verdammten und die Geretteten". I have virtually no knowledge of the language, outside of what I briefly researched for this project.

    What do you say? Could it be translated any better?

    Thank you.

    ~ Turco
  2. djweaverbeaver Senior Member

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    I think if you're looking for a more religious tone you could say "Die Verdammten unde die Erlösten" or "Die Verdammten und die Erretteten". If you're look for something with more of an eschatological flair, then perhaps "Die Entrückten und die Zurückgelassenen" (=Those caught up in the Rapture and those who are left behind) might fit the bill. Let's see what the native speakers say about this.
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  3. Il Turco

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    I kind of like that first one.

    Not sure about the second, but does the "er-" prefix imply that the action is completed, as in the people are definitely saved? I'm not sure if I want that sort of finality.

    And the third seems a little too specific.

    But I thank you for your contribution!
  4. Sowka

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    Good morning :)

    I like djweaverbeaver's suggestions.

    No, the verb "erretten" is used in the spiritual sense, whereas the verb "retten" (with the past perfect "gerettet") is used in the normal sense, for instance when people (or objects) are saved from a fire.

    Er glaubt fest daran, dass unser aller Seelen errettet werden: "Gott wird uns erretten!".
    Ich habe eine wertvolle Uhr. Sie konnte aus den Flammen gerettet werden. Ich konnte sie aus den Flammen retten.
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  5. Il Turco

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    Thank you so much! I think I'll go with the second suggestion, "Die Verdammten und die Erretteten".

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