The days () sported by us

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The protagonist recalls his childhood.
He and Peggotty, the only maid of his house came to Yarmouth, her hometown and visited her brother, Mr. Peggotty's house.
Em'ly is Mr. Peggotty's cousin, whose father was drown-dead and the protagonist came to like her.

We used to walk about that dim old flat at Yarmouth in a loving manner, hours and hours. The days sported by us, as if Time had not grown up himself yet, but were a child too, and always at play.
[David Copperfield by Charles Dickens]
I'd like to know why "was" is omitted before "sported."
Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Thank you, velisarius, for your very helpful answer. :)
    Then I was wondering if "sported by us" means "sported beside us."


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    The days sported past us. The image is of Time personified as a child, gaily skipping past them. I don't think the days/Time sported beside them, but rather that Time passed by them, or overtook them. It's an interesting way of looking at the happy passing of time.
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