the decorum in the courtroom

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"Last week, Judge Dana Sabraw was angry with the government for failing to offer a plan to reunify deported parents. He ordered them to take responsibility. This week, he seemed very pleased with the progress that was being made, and he was not issuing orders but rather offering guidance - so a marked difference in the decorum in the courtroom."

What's the meaning of "decorum" here?

What I've found have said "behavior (polite, controlled and calm)", but a behavior doesn't seem to fit into where the 'decorum' is. To re-write it, it would be "it was a lot of difference in the calm behavior in the courtroom.", and it doesn't sound right to me.

Could you help?

source: More Than 360 Immigrant Children Still Separated From Their Parents
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    To re-write it, it would be "There was a lot of difference between/in the current calm behavior in the courtroom and the previous forceful behavior."

    To an extent it depends on what actually happened in the courtroom on the earlier occasion.
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